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How To Get Into the Super Hearts Treasury

The Super Hearts Treasuries are intended as a tribute to the people in the A Promotion Commotion team who play fair. Each of the shops in it has been verified.

The Super Hearts is not a BNR or BNS. No purchase is necessary. Anyone who follows the rules can be included.

The rules:
1) You must leave a comment on the current Super Hearts Treasury to be considered for the next.
2) You must be a member of A Promotion Commotion Team on Etsy and have an Etsy store.
3) You must participate in select games in A Promotion Commotion, following all the rules listed at the top of each game’s thread.

The current treasury:
July Super Hearts Treasury

Threads currently participating:

Treasured Treasuries You do not have to have a treasury in order to participate in this game.

Or by recommendation from any of the leaders or captain of APCteam

After each Super Hearts Treasury is launched, I will put up a detailed post about how those in it were selected and placed.  To find them, select “Treasuries” from my category menu.

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