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How the July Super Hearts Treasury Was Made

SH 15-07 One of the biggest problems I face with the Super Hearts Treasuries is getting APC Team members to leave a comment on it. It seems to me that it is only fair to expect those who enjoy the benefits of being included to be supportive of the treasury.

In other words, I ended up bending the “you must comment on the current treasury to get into the next” rule, but I’m not willing to give it up. Two of the people toward the bottom of the July treasury did not comment on the June treasury. Even so, I ended up bringing back three people from the June treasury. I really prefer to have the repeated inclusions skip months.

Those people all ended up on the bottom of the treasury not because they aren’t wonderful, but because I included them this time primarily to fill the treasury. I’ll feature them in the future when they comment, or haven’t been included so often.

Then there is the case of Cledchamps. She participated in the Treasured Treasuries thread without promoting her own treasury. This automatically put her at the top of the list. Normally she would have been given the first slot – the one that represents the whole treasury in many places. Unluckily, she forgot to comment on the five treasuries that she supported.

I know, I said before that I wouldn’t include people who do that again. But the fact is that she generously favored those treasuries. So I included her, but dropped her to the bottom.

The stores on top are the kind of selections I normally find for the Super Hearts Treasuries. Most of them are new not only to the Super Hearts Treasuries but to the Treasured Treasury thread in the APC Team as well.

There is one of them that needs particular comment. That is The Little Paper Wing. Quite frankly, this is nepotism. The Little Paper Wing is a new store just launched my Kate – who is both my daughter and my partner at Faire Miscellany. In her case, it worked against her. She did a full support of the treasuries ahead of her in the Treasured Treasuries thread without putting in a treasury of her own. Normally that would be enough to land her in the first slot. But because of our relationship I moved her over a few place, and very nearly moved her down a row.

In other news, we will be taking a short break on the Super Hearts Treasuries. The next one will be going up as quickly in September as I can pull it off. This is partly because I was unable to confirm with Christina Marquette that she would do the August and September treasuries, and partly because everything is moving so slowly this summer.

The September treasury will be made of people who comment on the July treasury. I’ll be drawing from everyone in the Treasured Treasury list starting from right now and going until I can fill the treasury. So GO COMMENT!!

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